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"Victory awaits him who has everything in order"
Lynne Cox captures the spirit of these words by legendary polar explorer Roald Amundsen.
South with the Sun is an evocation of triumph of the human spirit,
that will inspire many generations to come.
Robert Duvall

South with the Sun
Roald Amundsen, His Polar Explorations,
and the Quest for Discovery

Publication Date
SEpt. 13th, 2011

Swimmer Lynne Cox Publishes 3rd Book

"South with The Sun" Available Next Week, Book Tour Soon

Swimming legend Lynne Cox will have a new book in stores. The author of “Swimming to Antarctica” and “Grayson” returns to non-fiction with “South with the Sun: Roald Amundsen, His Polar Explorations, and the Quest for Discovery”. Amundsen was the first to reach the South Pole (in 1911, the book honors the 100th anniversary of his triumph) and the first to sail through the Northwest Passage. Cox weaves the explorer’s stories with her own challenging adventures. She’s swum in the same icy waters as Amundsen sailed: Antarctica, the Bering Strait, and off the coast of Greenland. Not only was Cox concerned about water below 30 degrees, but also the Greenland Shark, Polar Bear, and Walrus. One critic described her third book as “a bold adventure story of bold ambitious dreams”.
— Catalina Channel Swimming Federation


Swimming to Antarctica
SWIMMING TO ANTARCTICA has been translated into five languages

"Lynne Cox writes about swimming the way Saint-Exupery wrote about flying, and one sees how swimming like flying can stretch the wings of the spirit. Lynne is an extraordinary achiever, but it is her enthusiasm and warmth, along with her respect for others, that come through above all in her writing, which is as easy and natural as her natural swimming ability. Swimming to Antarctica is thrilling, modest, vivid and lyrical, an inspiring account of a life of aspiration and adventure.
— Oliver Sacks

"Lynne Cox is a unique phenomenon: a champion swimmer who can write about it. In gripping prose, she takes us right into the icy water of the Bering Strait, and into the mystery of what drives world-class athletes to their record-breaking achievements. Her victories became ours in this fascinating narrative that reflects a startling combination of gifts and ambition. If the hope of the world rests in any part with our great sports figures and their abilities to cross national barriers without rancor or blood, then this book is doubly worth cherishing as it chronicles a woman's drive to be the best for herself and for others - all in her own heartfelt words."
— Anne Rice

"Like all those who have followed Lynne Cox's adventures, I have looked forward to her own account for a long time. Swimming to Antarctica is her literally chilling chronicle of a series of remarkable and courageous journeys on the world's high wild seas."
— Carolyn Alexander.

"[Cox has] done things the rest of us only imagine-and she's written a book that helps us to imagine them with clarity and wonder."
—The Boston Globe

"More than the story of the greatest open-water swimmer, Swimming to Antarctica is a portrait of rare and relentless drive..."Gripping."
—Sports Illustrated

""A tale of remarkable physical prowess and heart." —Vogue

"Fetching and pitch-perfect...Full of perilous, preposterous-if-they-weren't true scenes." —Outside Magazine

"An instant classic of adventure writing."
—Minneapolis Star-Tribune

"Even a cursory read leaves one shivering for a warm towel."
—Entertainment Weekly

Grayson had been translated
into 22 languages

A true story of a miraculous meeting between a baby whale and Lynne
off the coast of California.

"Lynne Cox is a master of storytelling:her prose captures the vast moments and deep mysteries of the ocean and the creatures for who it is home. Everyone who reads Grayson will be enchanted and profoundly moved. Grayson is a powerful voice for conservation."
— Jane Goodall,
Ph.D., Dee, Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute, and UN Messenger of Peace

"A beautiful true story of interspecies communication where the human and the whale mind connected,"
—Temple Grandin, coauthor of Animals in Translation

"A story of remarkable simplicity and charm. Through Lynne Cox's eyes we see an entire realm of creatures we have never known so intimately before. Trule for people of all ages. A parable and and experience, thanks not only to the author's great and generous spirit, but to her immense gift for describing nature."
— Anne Rice

"A moving and memorable story, filled with dramatic tension and lovely descriptions of the sea and all the wondrous creatures it holds. Grayson is a celebration of the natural world in all its glory, and the deep and lasting effect it can have on us humans if only we pause to notice." —John Grogan, author of Marley and Me